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Harbor City Business Brokers
will work with you to obtain basic financial information needed to sell most small businesses whcih are profit and loss statements and balance sheets from the last three years of operation. If you are three or four months into a new fiscal year, you should also provide an interim financial statement.

One of the first questions a prospective buyer will ask is who prepared your financial statements. Even if you have prepared your own financial statements in the past, you should consider having an outside certified CPA or Accountanting firm prepare or review them for the sale. This will increase the value of the business in the eyes of potential buyers and increase the likelihood of making the sale.

If you decide against using an outside accounting firm to prepare your financial statements, offer to show copies of your corporate or, in the case of a sole proprietorship or partnership, personal tax returns to serious potential buyers. This will help to substantiate your businesses profitability.

One of the biggest obstacles in selling a business, especially for the price you want, is finding a buyer who has or can borrow the cash to buy the business. Hence, it is very common for businesses to be sold with seller financing. If you do decide to provide financing, have the buyer sign a loan agreement with you and be sure to get an attorney to write up the documentation.

The most important document in any transaction is the purchase agreement. The contract will contain the financial aspects such as the purchase price, deposits, and the terms of payment of the balance of the price.


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